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Traidpoint Shop



Opening hours


 Monday to Friday

10.30 am – 1pm



10 am – 1 pm



Also serving refreshments


Enjoy a hot drink and a fair-trade cookie for less than £1

St John's Halesowen

The volunteer-run Churches Together Halesowen Traidpoint shop located within St John’s offers a wide range of Traidcraft goods, including a variety of foods, household cleaning products and a changing selection of craft items. 


You can browse the latest Traidcraft catalogue and place an order for products which we do not stock, from one-off items to bulk orders, and have your order delivered to the shop with free postage and packing.


We are committed to supporting fair trade producers in developing countries.  We aim to meet our costs rather than make a large profit so you will pay a reasonable price for the Traidcraft products we sell.  Any surplus money made and donations get fed back into development work, through Traidcraft Exchange and the Fairtrade Foundation.


When you shop with us you will be making a real impact on the lives of many people in developing countries, including these children from Vyebos Eiland Primary School in South Africa whose families produce the raisins for our ever-popular Geobars.


Vital funds for this historic place of worship are also raised through the sale of greetings cards, candles, inspirational prayer cards and bookmarks, souvenirs and a new edition of the St John’s guidebook.

St John's Shop

Working along side the Traidpoint shop St John's also has its own shop selling gifts, candles, cards, second hand books, souvenirs and our brand new guide book to the church. 

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