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Bell ringing

At St John, the bells you hear ringing for services, weddings and other special occasions are real bells, rung by real people, and not recordings. In order to perfect our skills we practice between 7.30pm and 9pm every Tuesday, this often being followed by a visit to the pub!  Please feel free to come along and join us at our practice and have a go, it's fun and provides good physical and mental exercise.


We welcome trainee ringers, normally aged from 12 years with no upper limit, provided you are able to safely access the ringing room at the top of 60, steps in the spiral staircase. For more information please contact the Ringing Master, Michael Brown on 0121 602 4173 or just turn up at 7.30pm on a Tuesday night.


We also visit other towers during the year and welcome ringers from elsewhere to joint us if they're in the area.  We are members of the Worcestershire and Districts Change Ringing Association.


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